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In the late 1970s, a group of twelve educators from various colleges and universities joined together to develop a quality external study program for a major Christian university in the United States. Their goal was to provide an excellent Christian college education to individuals unable to attend traditional colleges due to family or ministry obligations. This dream became a reality and the first students were enrolled in 1980.

Under the expert leadership of men and women called and equipped in Christian education, Central Christian University has continued to grow through the years and has become a leader in the implementation of higher education by the development of new programs to meet the needs of the church and the Christian community around the world.

Central Christian has several regional study sites across the United States as well as:

:: Europe
:: Africa

:: Asia

:: West Indies

As an educational arm of the Church, Central Christian University seeks to serve the body of Christ in its worldwide ministry, combining the following emphases in the types of training we provide...


PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE Central Christian University is committed to providing an academically and professionally qualified faculty whose appointments and advancements are dependent upon potential and acknowledged competence in teaching, writing, and professional practice.


MULTI-DENOMINATIONAL BREADTH Central Christian University is pledged to service the entire church of Christ in its various expressions whether congregational, denominational, or multi-denominational. While maintaining a multi-denominational structure, Central Christian University encourages its students to work within existing church organizations.


VOCATIONAL DIVERSITY In order to meet the demands of the church today, Central Christian University takes seriously the apostolic description of the church's nature one body, many members.  For this reason, the various degree programs of Central Christian University are designed to provide training for a wide range of Christian service.


PERSONAL MATURITY Central Christian University believes that the church of Christ must minister to the whole person.  The ultimate objective is that every graduate be equipped to model as well as foster in others a personal maturity which is demonstrated by loving service to others and responsible Christian discipleship.


SOCIAL CONCERN Central Christian University has a deep-seated desire to demonstrate and to evoke a quality of discipleship which applies the biblical norms of love and justice in all human relationships.

Each program is wholeheartedly committed to the integrity, infallibility and authority of the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God. Additionally, great effort is put forth to utilize the most contemporary textbooks available in the Christian community. In most cases, students are able to order their textbooks from their local bookstore.

Each educational program strives to prepare the student with a vision to bring the Christian message to bear upon society both local and international.
From a rich heritage of ministry spanning three generations, God has established an educational organization of integrity and power for implementing God's purposes in the earth. With a firm foundation in post secondary Christian education, Central Christian University has become a strategic hub for Christian leadership today


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