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:: Certificate of Biblical Studies


:: Associate of Biblical Studies


:: Ministerial Diploma


:: Bachelor of Ministry

:: Bachelor of Theology

:: Bachelor of Christian Counseling

:: Bachelor of Biblical Studies

:: Bachelor of Christian Education

:: Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling


:: Master of Biblical Studies

:: Master of Theology

:: Master of Ministry

:: Master of Contemporary Church Development

:: Master of Christian Education

:: Master of Clinical Christian Counseling


:: Doctor of Theology

:: Doctor of Ministry

:: Doctor of Christian Education

:: Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling

Counseling Specializationís Offered:

:: Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy
:: Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy
:: Child/Adolescent Therapy
:: Cognitive Therapy
:: Sexual Therapy
:: Domestic Violence and Intervention Therapy
:: Death and Grief Therapy
:: Crisis and Abuse Therapy
:: Temperament Therapy
:: Group Therapy

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